Join the Michigan Paranormal Alliance with the Fallasburg Historical Society on Saturday, October 15th, 2022 @6:45PM. The event is a fundraiser for the Fallasburg Historical Society. Tickets are $50.

Contact person: Tina Sicialiano Cadwallader at (616) 560-9109 or Email Us

Here is a story from the Fallasburg Today Blog

Michigan Paranormal Alliance finds ghost activity at Fallasburg village

By Emma Palova

Get spooked at Fallasburg. Just in time for Halloween, the Michigan Paranormal Alliance (M.P.A.) conducted an investigation for the presence of ghosts at the pioneer Fallasburg village on Saturday. The sold-out event brought more than 40 people to the village.
“This is a fundraiser for the Fallasburg Historical Society,” said FHS vice-president Tina Siciliano Cadwallader.
The unique spooky event combined history with Halloween.
“I enjoyed the musems,” said participant Teresa Medich of Burton.

The Saturday night ghost walk organized by the Fallasburg Historical Society in conjunction with the Michigan Paranormal Alliance (M.P.A.), brought out more than 40 people. They split into four groups and set out to hunt for ghosts at different locations throughout the 1840s pioneer Fallasburg village.

As the one-room Fallasburg schoolhouse dipped into pitch black, ghost hunters from group two heard a distinct thump, thump, thump of feet walking by the desks near the windows. And then, came a bang from the storage room. Ghost hunter Peggy Kotecki ran out to see if it wasn’t coming from the outside.

Indeed, it wasn’t.

“I would suspect the most ghost activity at the schoolhouse,” said FHS spokesperson Ken Tamke.

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